Love Unexpected, Book Two

It’s totally normal for two straight guys to do this when they’re alone, right?

Hi readers!

I’m back this month with Filthy Bromance, a Straight to Gay, Friends to Lovers, sweet and steamy romance that I think you’ll love.

As soon as I finished Filthy Sweet, I knew that Owen’s brother Reggie needed his own HEA. Everett turned out to be the perfect match for Reggie’s big heart. A pro tennis player with an injury and a troubled past, he and Reggie make each other happy in a way no one else could.
Sure, Everett’s kind of a grump, and Reggie’s relentlessly optimistic. And there’s the little complication that they’re both straight…

They’re the perfect couple for book two of my Love Unexpected series. As always, Filthy Bromance is .99 through the end of release week, so make sure to grab your copy soon.

Filthy Sweet Release


…and Secret Softie?)

I’m back this September 27 with a new standalone romance featuring some favorite themes. Fox is a loner music exec with a scandal-prone reputation, just trying to keep his head down. When he needs a fake relationship for publicity, his best friend’s adorkable little brother seems to be the perfect fit–until he learns that Owen has some naughty secrets of his own.

I had so much fun writing this book, and watching Owen and Fox indulge their fantasies easily made them one of my favorite couples. As always, Filthy Sweet will be available at .99 through release week, and bump up to 3.99 after that. Check it out today, and happy reading!

His Best Friend’s Brother: The Box Set is Here!

Hi readers!

Right in time for the end of the pride month, I’ve got the box set of His Best Friend’s Brother available! The box set includes all five connected stories in the steamy, low-angst series, available together for only $6.99.

If you missed any of these HEAs, now is a great chance to dive back into the series. And if you’re already a fan, please consider leaving a review to let other readers know what you think!

I’ll be back soon with the first book in a new series, featuring mountain men and some opposites-attract fun. And now that Caesar and Drew have found their HEA in Geek Ink, I can’t stop thinking about a spinoff series set at the Joystick…

Happy reading!

A New Age-Gap Romance in Geek Ink

A collared shirt clings tightly to a slim, rippling man with a wry smile and soft, knowing eyes. Just above his lightly cleft chin and strong jaw rises a ribboned rubenesque set of dark curls. Just below, his finger gestures with an idea, or the suggestion of one, unrelated to the stark array of space-related tattoos covering his right forearm we can see thanks to his firmly rolled up sleeves.

Hi readers!

Looking for some steamy age-gap fun? Gruff Touch is out today! Grumpy, growly Caesar has been begging for his own story since the Geek Ink series started. I always knew it would take a special guy to win Caesar over– lucky for us, Drew has all the flirty sunshine it takes to melt an icy heart.

Featuring grumpy/sunshine tropes, a father’s long-lost best friend, and (of course) geek and bad boy steam, Gruff Touch is just the kind of trope-tastic fun I’ve been craving.
Check it out today! Gruff Touch is on sale for .99 during release week only!

Happy reading!

New 99 cent Release! Crave Me

Desire thrusts them together, but can two men who are so different really make love work?

Happy New Year!

Crave Me is out this month. The second book in Geek Ink, I think you’ll love the story of Milo and Joey, a babbling sweetheart and the tattooed bad boy who can’t help but fall for him. It was so much fun to spend more time in their world, and to check in on Matty, Stone, and other favorites from the series.

Crave Me is on sale at 99 cents for the first week, so make sure to grab a copy today!

I hope you’re all having a great start to 2021, and finding lots of great books to escape into!