Ready for Some More Filthy Fun?

Why in the hell is there a naked, tattooed man in my bed?

I’m back this month with the final book in the Love, Unexpected series! When closeted tennis jock Spencer Wilchins wakes up with a naked stranger in his bed, all he can think about is fleeing Vegas and getting an annulment.

Easier said than done, considering the man he married in a drunken blur is an ultra-famous playboy rockstar.

Gabriel and Spencer should be a total disaster. But when their PR teams propose a fake relationship to calm the publicity storms, the two men find it harder and harder to ignore the sparks.

I loved writing this steamy, sweet love story between Gabriel and Spencer, and couldn’t think of a better story to wrap up this series. I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much!

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to drop me a line or leave a review to let me know what you think!

Filthy and the Beast Release

There’s no way in hell I’m falling for a man called the Sledgehammer...

The moment Damian appeared in Filthy Rock Stars, he demanded his own story. It wasn’t until I started writing Enzo, though, that I began to understand how much smiley Damian truly needed a grump of his own.

These guys put the unexpected in my Love Unexpected series. Enzo is Damian’s boss. He’s straight and twenty-years-older than his bubbly live-in assistant. Neither are looking for love.

But when has that ever stopped love from coming and pulling the rug out from under our feet?

Check out Filthy and the Beast today!

The Arrival of Filthy Rock Stars

I can’t stop thinking about him, but I don’t even know his name…

The latest release in Love Unexpected is finally here, featuring a rock star romance with secret identities, celebrity hijinks, and two sweet guys. Filthy Rock Stars centers a geek who becomes a rock star, a rock star who has always been a bit of a geek, and enough dirty talk to steam up a sauna.

Risky hookups, secret identities, and celebrity hijinks–I knew Nico and Shadow were going to have a wild ride, but their love story took me by surprise. Nico is a geeky sweetheart and Shadow is a broody rocker, and together, the two blossom like neither of them expected.

Too bad there’s that pesky rock band rivalry keeping our guys apart.

I’m busy at work on a short novella featuring the double-wedding of Reggie & Everett and Owen & Fox. Filthy Every After should be here soon, and then I think we’ll be taking a trip back to Reggie’s gym…

Make sure to check it out now, on sale for 99 cents during release week only.

Love Unexpected: Book Two

It’s totally normal for two straight guys to do this when they’re alone, right?

Hi readers!

I’m back this month with Filthy Bromance, a Straight to Gay, Friends to Lovers, sweet and steamy romance that I think you’ll love.

As soon as I finished Filthy Sweet, I knew that Owen’s brother Reggie needed his own HEA. Everett turned out to be the perfect match for Reggie’s big heart. A pro tennis player with an injury and a troubled past, he and Reggie make each other happy in a way no one else could.
Sure, Everett’s kind of a grump, and Reggie’s relentlessly optimistic. And there’s the little complication that they’re both straight…

They’re the perfect couple for book two of my Love Unexpected series. As always, Filthy Bromance is .99 through the end of release week, so make sure to grab your copy soon.

Filthy Sweet Release


…and Secret Softie?)

I’m back this September 27 with a new standalone romance featuring some favorite themes. Fox is a loner music exec with a scandal-prone reputation, just trying to keep his head down. When he needs a fake relationship for publicity, his best friend’s adorkable little brother seems to be the perfect fit–until he learns that Owen has some naughty secrets of his own.

I had so much fun writing this book, and watching Owen and Fox indulge their fantasies easily made them one of my favorite couples. As always, Filthy Sweet will be available at .99 through release week, and bump up to 3.99 after that. Check it out today, and happy reading!

His Best Friend’s Brother: The Box Set is Here!

Hi readers!

Right in time for the end of the pride month, I’ve got the box set of His Best Friend’s Brother available! The box set includes all five connected stories in the steamy, low-angst series, available together for only $6.99.

If you missed any of these HEAs, now is a great chance to dive back into the series. And if you’re already a fan, please consider leaving a review to let other readers know what you think!

I’ll be back soon with the first book in a new series, featuring mountain men and some opposites-attract fun. And now that Caesar and Drew have found their HEA in Geek Ink, I can’t stop thinking about a spinoff series set at the Joystick…

Happy reading!