Geeky Friends, Tattooed Lovers

Looking for sweetheart men and low-angst steam?

I’m back with the third book in Geek Ink this month. Alexander and Rafael have been begging for their own story since they first appeared in Geek Tattooand their best-friends-to-lovers HEA delivers all the sweet pining and gushy moments I’ve been craving. Preview a little of Just a Kiss below:

I have a secret: I’m in love with my best friend.
Rafael is a brilliant artist and a lovable weirdo.

I’ve been pining for him for years, but when he starts an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist, my longing spikes.
My best friend finds a new side to himself, more confidence, and it makes me fall in love all over again.

The problem is Rafael doesn’t do relationships.

And me? I don’t do casual.
Yet somehow, we still end up in bed one day, after he proposes a “sexperiment.”
We’ll be friends with benefits, nothing more.

We might start with just a kiss, but a kiss can still change everything.

Best Friend’s Brother, 99c Release

Hi readers!

I’ve got an extra steamy novel for you this month. Falling for Trouble is the fifth and final book in His Best Friends Brother, and while I was so sad to see the series come to a close, Peyton and Jet’s story was especially fun to write. The two men meet as strangers only to learn that Jet is the long-lost brother of Peyton’s friend and business partner. Despite the challenges placed in their way, they can’t keep their hands off each other, and what starts as physical exploration quickly turns into so much more.

Falling for Trouble is available for 99c during release week, so make sure to grab it today!

I’ve loved writing this low-angst series, and I hope you’ve had just as much fun following along. Happy reading, and stay safe!

New 99 cent Release! Crave Me

Desire thrusts them together, but can two men who are so different really make love work?

Happy New Year!

Crave Me is out this month. The second book in Geek Ink, I think you’ll love the story of Milo and Joey, a babbling sweetheart and the tattooed bad boy who can’t help but fall for him. It was so much fun to spend more time in their world, and to check in on Matty, Stone, and other favorites from the series.

Crave Me is on sale at 99 cents for the first week, so make sure to grab a copy today!

I hope you’re all having a great start to 2021, and finding lots of great books to escape into!

Steamy, Easy MMM Fun in Shared Secrets

Hi readers!

2021 is around the corner! I hope you’re all staying safe and as happy as can be as this difficult year comes to an end. To ring in the new year with some fireworks, I’m releasing my newest high-heat romance, Shared Secrets, on Tuesday the 29th.

Shared Secrets marks Book 4 in His Best Friend’s Brother, and I’m so excited for you to read about Russell, Casey, and Blake. Casey and Blake have always been made for each other–they just need their best friend’s little brother to complete the picture and make their dreams come true. Lucky for them, when Russell starts flirting, sparks fly, and secrets that have been long buried finally come to light.

This newest novel introduces some new characters into the Best Friend’s Brother universe, although don’t worry! Characters from the earlier novels make some important appearances, too, so keep an eye out for your favorites.

Like all my novels, this is a steamy, easy read with low angst–exactly the kind of book I’ve been escaping into lately. Check it out, and happy reading into the new year!

99 cent Release! Geek Tattoo

The relationship is fake, so why does his kiss feel so real?

Happy October!

With the fall foliage coming on strong, I’ve been losing myself in some easy, feel-good romances. To help you enjoy those comfort reads, I’m releasing Geek Tattoo at 99 cents on October 9.

It features my favorite kind of pairing, with geeky sweetheart Matty and Stone, his bad boy with a heart of gold. The two artists come together through a fake relationship, but with instant sparks and an intense connection, they can’t deny their HEA.

Check out Geek Tattoo for a steamy escape today!

Stay safe, and happy reading!

Two New Releases in His Best Friend’s Brother Series!

Hi readers!

After spending the last couple months escaping into the His Best Friend’s Brother series, I’m excited to share more of the low-angst, sweet and steamy fun with you. Forbidden Friend has Leo stumbling into the HEA he didn’t know he wanted. And in the newest entry, The Geek Next Door, a secret online relationship explodes into real life, sending Kai’s whole world spinning.

This series has been so much fun to write, and I’m already planning out the next novels. Look for some new characters and special appearances from the old cast this fall.

Happy reading! And stay safe!

New Series! His Best Friend’s Brother

Hi readers!

I’ve got the first book in a new series for you this week! Falling for the Geek is a sweet, low angst read with lots of steam on the way to a grin-inducing HEA for Shawn and Cass. I’m a big fan of novels featuring a brother’s best friend (who isn’t?) and I loved the chance to explore their pasts as these guys found a new future together.

Check it out today!

And if you’re looking to indulge your geeky side, Shawn is an astronomy buff with lots to share. Research for this one was especially fun for me. I hope you enjoy!

Stay safe! And happy reading!

Introducing the Third Release in Bad Boy Security

Hi readers!

I hope everyone is holding up and staying safe! I’m excited to share Book 3 in Bad Boy Security with you today: Double Down. An M/M/M romance, this novel features heightened danger and adventure as the guys at Kaiser Security take on the corrupt businessmen at Horizon Zed.

With billionaires and crime bosses hot on Lawrence’s trail, will Raiden and Cash be able to put their explosive differences aside in time to save him?

I loved writing this book, and had so much fun seeing the guys come together. Watching them take revenge on the villains at Horizon made the steamy ride all the more satisfying! And of course, there are plenty of cameos from the guys in Guarding His Heart and Stealing Pretty along the way!

Happy reading, and I hope the season brings some light to your life!