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Stealing Pretty Out Now! 3.11.2020

Hi readers!
It’s almost spring, and a perfect time to share my latest novel with you. Gray made his first appearance in Guarding His Heart, and right from the start, he demanded his own HEA. Stealing Pretty features a stolen motorcycle, a few tubes of lipstick, and love on the run, but the sparks between beautiful Jameson and impulsive Gray were definitely my favorite part of this love story! Check it out!
I’ll be back around next month with Double Down, the first M/M/M book in Bad Boy Security. And don’t forget to leave a review, and let me know what you thought of our guys!
Happy reading!

First Novel in Bad Boy Security! 2.18.2020

Happy February! Some of my readers might remember Declan, a battered bad boy who made his first appearance as a side character in Unravelling Malcolm. After I finished that novel, Declan stuck around, and kept insisting he had his own story to tell.

I’m never one to turn a lovable bad boy down! Today, I’m so excited to share the first book in a new series, Bad Boy SecurityGuarding His Heart is an M/M romance, featuring Declan and his very own age-gap love with Sebastian. Set in a secluded mansion in the woods of New York, and with plenty of danger and surprises, the novel brings all the fun of the bodyguard trope, with an extra steamy connection between a geeky hero and his bad boy love. Check it out today, on Amazon and KU!

In the meanwhile, I’m busy at work finishing Book 2 of Bad Boy Security, which will be available in early March. Stealing Pretty is just as steamy as Guarding His Heart, with an extra dash of fun when the heroes set off on an ill-conceived heist. I can’t wait for you to read it soon!

Enjoy! And if you get a chance, please consider leaving me a review, or dropping an email to let me know what you think! I wouldn’t be writing without the support of my fans, and I always love to hear how you connected with my special guys.

New Rebels and Nerds Novel! 1.9.2020

Happy 2020!

I’m excited to share the release of my fourth Rebels and Nerds novel, Asher and His Geek Daddies. I had such a fun time switching it up with a couple of adorably geeky (and toppy!) bears, Rory and Franklin, whose world turns upside down when Asher crashes in. Check it out today!

For those following the RWA, I also wanted to take this chance to say that I stand with Courtney Milan. As a queer person writing M/M fiction, I hope that all of my readers understand that we have to build the world we want to live in, and fight for the HEAs we want to see. Bigotry should never be tolerated, and it is hypocritical for people who write and read stories that celebrate love to pander in hate.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2020! And plotting out a new series, including some bad boys who get their own security agency… Happy new year, everyone!

The Guy They Need Release 12.13.2019

My latest standalone M/M/M novel is out today! I had so much fun writing The Guy They Need, which takes place outside of the Rebels and Nerds universe and explores a committed couple adding a third into their Happily Ever After. I loved getting inside the love story that Demir and Marco share, and seeing how they opened their love and their lives once they fell for Grayson. These guys surprised me at every turn, and I hope you’ll enjoy their romance as much as I did!

Check out the blurb below, and don’t forget to check back in January! A steamy Happily Ever After waits around the corner for Asher and His Geek Daddies, coming soon!
Happy reading!

11.09.2019 Announcing Clark’s Bully

I’m excited to launch this website with the release of my newest novel, Clark’s Bully, the third full-length in the Rebels and Nerds universe. I was so glad to jump back into the geeky fun of Northstar Comics and the Steel Rose, and excited to see some old favorites again, too!

While you’re here, check out previews of the first two Rebels and Nerds novels, Unraveling Malcolm and Brick’s Geeks, as well as my standalone titles.

This website also includes links to some select reviews of my novels, and I’ll be posting updates, original stories, and sales here throughout the month. Make sure to check back soon!