Series Reviews

“The books are all wonderful, and stand-alone in the best sense. Try them all!”

Thankful for the Bob-O-Link’s (of Rainbow Book Reviews) critical and luminescent thoughts on Forbidden Friend

“finding love in the best possible way”

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A lovely read… the pages are full of deeds from lovable protective rogues

Thanks to Taylin for this review over at Love Bytes!

Equal parts sweet and sexy…I think this will be a series to watch for, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Thanks to Kenna at Joyfully Jay for this glowing review of the first book in Bad Boy Security!

“I could feel the connection between them…They fight for what they want, both for themselves and for Brick.”

So delighted that Jay took the time for this review over at Joyfully Jay.

“I have come to expect such great reads from R. Cayden.”

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